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Base Metal Jewellery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jewelry is created using various types of metals.

The term “base metal” refers to a group of metals that are not gold or silver. The most common base metals used for making jewelry are copper, iron and brass. Each type of metal has different properties and characteristics that make them suitable for use in creating jewelry.

Jewelry making is fun and rewarding. You can create beautiful pieces using different types of metals. Some metals are more difficult than others to work with. Learn about them before you start creating. 

Metal findings, metal sheet, metal wire are all common to create jewelry. However, many people do not know what base metals are or how they differ from precious metals. Copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum are all base metals. Gold, platinum, palladium and silver are precious metals. Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Aluminum are all base metals. Precious metals will tarnish (oxidize) very fast.

A "base" metal is one element that is found in its pure form in nature. Some examples of base metals are iron, aluminum, and copper. The second element is a metal that is rare and difficult to find in its pure form. Metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are precious.

When exposed to air, any natural material that contains sulfur can react with all or some of the oxygen in the air to form sulfur dioxide gas, which in turn reacts with the remaining oxygen to form sulfur trioxide gas. These reactions can slowly turn copper into a form of oxide that is brown in color.


It’s rare that you come across a true professional like Mike. Choosing a jeweller was an easy decision for my husband, when the time came to design my engagement ring in November 2019. My husband worked closely with Mike to design my bespoke emerald cut engagement ring, and then 18 months later, I had the pleasure, when it came to our wedding bands. The showroom is warm and welcoming – just like the family that works there, and we instantly felt comfortable, which made it easy for us to discuss our ideas openly and honestly. Mike’s knowledge and experience coupled with his understanding of current trends, is how we were able to create elegant and truly timeless pieces. The process was such a memorable and positive experience and I would highly recommend Opal Diamond Factory to all. True professionals that are driven by passion and pride.

Stacey Evreniadis

19 November 2021

Mike was very professional with the process of creating a custom engagement ring. Would definitely recommend.

James S

10 November 2021

I had a great experience working with Mike and Opal Diamond Factory in creating my fiancé’s opal and diamond engagement ring. The whole process was enjoyable and seamless. First of all, together we found the exact opal I was after and then designed the ring around it. I couldn’t be more happier with the final outcome and cannot recommend Mike and his staff more highly. Thank you for creating something so special for both of us. We will be back to create our wedding bands.

Alex Conner

22 October 2021

My experience here was nothing short of perfection. When I first came in looking for an engagement ring, I wasn't sure what I wanted other than a few minor details like the colour of the metal and type of opal. This is where Mike's knowledge and skill really helped me. While he was showing me the different styles and shapes of the rings, he was very polite and respectful with what I was trying to achieve. But I was still completely lost on the shape of the ring, as nothing really stood out. That was, until Mike pulled out his phone and showed me a concept he had designed, and I was completely convinced that it was the one. It took a few weeks for the ring to be completed, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried that I had made a horrible mistake by building an engagement ring without seeing an example or anything even similar before. But all my doubts went away when I laid eyes on the finished product. Thank you Mike and the ODF team, everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with it, especially my now fiance.

Daniel San (Bippo)

13 September 2021

Great communication, listened and was exceptionally helpful. Not pushy in the slightest. Made the process a breeze and was always happy to communicate. Didn't feel silly when asking questions. Would thoroughly recommend and use again.

Zac Braun

31 August 2021

I recently purchased the beautiful 'initial' necklace in gold, it is gorgeous, so dainty and sparkly. I couldn't recommend Mike and the wonderful team at ODF enough. The necklace arrived wrapped with care and it is perfect! A lovely family business that cares for their customers which is important to me. Thank you Mike.

Vickie harris

27 August 2021

Couldn't recommend Opal Diamond Factory enough. Mike was extremely helpful in assisting with the design for the perfect custom engagement ring for my fiance. This was all made so easy even though we are in completely different states - all without needing a single phone call. It didn't even matter that I had a million questions, Mike was very accommodating and went above and beyond to answer all my queries and requests. It was honestly an enjoyable experience. The selection of opals they have is absolutely beautiful. Thanks again for the amazing service and outstanding ring!!

Daniel Gerace

1 August 2021

Working with Mike was an absolute pleasure. His eye for detail is amazing and he is one of the nicest guys it has ever been my pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a unique and piece, Mike is your man!


Sam Ziesing

22 June 2021

Great family owned business with an amazing selection of Opal

José Javier

22 June 2021

Best Opals!

Jose Estevez

22 June 2021

Mike helped my husband pick out my beautiful engagement ring diamond and design my ring style, whilst delivering on fantastic service and helpful advice. We also went back to Mike for my matching wedding band and my husbands wedding band too. Super friendly service and great after sales support on our rings. Would 100% recommend Mike and the ODF team!

Tamlyn Ji

21 June 2021
A proud family business
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A proud family business
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