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1. White Opals

White opals have gained popularity and appreciation over the recent times. With an array of colours found in our ODF opals this stone is very versatile and can be used to create your one of a kind piece.

Known for its ‘milky’ tones and lighter appearance, Australian white opal is found in South Australian towns of Coober Pedy, Andamooka and Mintibie. White opals form within seams of white sandstone giving them their distinct paler colour. Although distinguished by their lighter tones, white opals can display an array of colours.

White opals can have a range of colours. Whether you are looking for a solid white coloured opal within minimal colouring or a spectacle of bright reds, blues and greens. At ODF we have a selection of pieces to make sure you find your perfect stone.

White opals are commonly found in the opal capital of the world, Coober Pedy. Historically, opal mining was done by creating a 1m diameter vertical shaft through which a miner would sink and tunnel. Miners would then carefully follow opal ‘levels’ with picks and shovals. The opal is then extracted with the help of handpicks and screwdrivers.

Although white opals do not have a naturally dark backing like boulder opal and black opals, specks of bright colours are often still visible within the stones.

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2. Crystal Opals

Our extensive knowledge and high skill for cutting opal is what allows us to bring out the magnificent bright and vibrant colours of our ODF crystal opals.


Crystal opals are transparent, because there is less sand impurity in the layers of silica. They can be either ‘dark’ or ‘light’, and have magnificent bright and vibrant colours. If you can see through the opal, generally it will classify as a crystal opal. Crystal opals can display any spectrum of colour and are found in South Australia and New South Wales such as, Coober Pedy, Andamooka and Lightning Ridge.

For over 45 years ODF have been collecting and cutting the most exquisite crystal opals. Both John and Mike have formed close relationships with miners all around Australia resulting in having a selection of the best there is to offer. Our highly skilled and experienced opal cutters understand the best way to cut a stone and bring to light a crystal opals hidden beauty.
Crystal Opals are a higher grade of the white opal. Although they are extracted from the same regions as white opals, crystal opals tend to be more vibrant and have brighter colours.

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3. Boulder Opals

Queensland boulder opal is distinct in nature as it is naturally formed over brown ironstone. Over the years John has mastered the skill of understanding how to cut a stone with great precision to uncover the exquisite beauty hidden inside.


Boulder opal forms within cracks in boulders of ironstone. Boulder opal has its distinct naturally formed layer of brown ironstone. The Queensland boulder opals natural dark body, formed by the ironstone intensifies the vibrant colouring of a boulder opal, similar to a black opal.

Boulder opals are often cut in a freeform shape to ensure as much of the valuable opal is used. John has been cutting opals for over 45 years employing his skills to carefully cut through ‘veins’ of very thin boulder opal to display their unique beauty. At ODF you are sure to find a distinct piece that you love, knowing that time, precision and exceptional skill have been employed with each unique stone.

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4. Black Opals

Black opals are the most valuable and sought after opal. For over 45 years ODF have been fortunate enough to have worked with and cut some of Australia’s finest Lightning Ridge black opals.

Black opal is considered to be the most exclusive stone. Black opals naturally have a darker body tone, ranging from a dark grey semi-black appearing underbelly to a jet black tone. The naturally dark appearing under side of a stone effects the colour vibrancy present within an opal, making the stone appear brighter in colour and therefore higher in value. Along with the colour in the opal, other factors come into play when determining the overall value of a stone. The brightness and pattern in a black opal impact the stone value.

Black Opals are known for being mined in the town of Lightning Ridge, in northern New South Wales. Their distinct naturally dark body tone and often bright, vibrant colours have thought to be exclusive to Lightning Ridge but have also been discovered in Minitibie, South Australia.

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5. Doublets

When creating ODF doublets we only use gem quality solid opals. Our doublet opals are crafted using a fine slice of solid opal cemented onto a dark backing. Vibrant in colour, doublets are created to resemble solid black opals at a less of an expense. Both doublets and triplets are water sensitive, therefore stones should not be immersed.

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6. Triplets

Our ODF Triplets are created using only gem quality solid opals. Created similarly to a doublet, however applying an additional quartz cap on top of the slice of opal. Triplets are a great option if you are looking for the vibrant colours found in a solid black opal at a lesser price. Both triplets and doublets are water sensitive, therefore stones should not be immersed.

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